Elevate in Rich Black TV Lift Cabinet

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Elevate is one of our smallest TV Lift Cabinet, specifically designed for placement at the foot of your bed. This cabinet’s size is designed to accommodate any flatscreen television up to 45” wide and its striking rich black finish is designed to accommodate the style of your home as well.

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Product Highlights

Fits up to 50” TVs (45” wide left to right)
Finished the same on both sides so it is perfect for any room in the house
Against the bed, against a wall or even as a room divider
Beautiful black finished cabinet with a transitional cabinet design that fits seamlessly with existing furniture
Compatible with the add-on component shelf to store electronics
Quiet and reliable Whisper Lift II which includes a 5-year warranty


The Elevate® is one step above our smallest TV Lift Cabinet, specifically designed for placement at the foot of your bed. This cabinets size is designed to accommodate any flat screen television up to 45" wide and its striking rich black finish is designed to accommodate the style of your home as well. In spite of its affordable pricing, you will be surprised and impressed by the Elevate's high-quality design and build.

While the Elevate® was originally designed to be placed at the foot of your bed, its refined four-sided finish makes it a multifaceted asset that can be installed anywhere in your home. The TV lifting capability of this pop-up cabinet is yet another great feat in flexibility: with the touch of a button your flatscreen TV can be lifted to an ideal height for in-bed viewing or your television can be stowed away as your cabinet is instantly disguised as a finely crafted chest.

The Whisper Lift® II TV Lift is included with the Elevate® Rich Black and is quick and simple to install. The Whisper Lift II is a quiet and durably built television lift which allows you to raise or lower your flatscreen to a maximum height of 68.5" in less than 30 seconds. We offer step by step instructions for a headache free installation as well as additional phone or online support to assist you in the set up of your new TV lift cabinet. For an additional cost of $100.00, we also offer pre-installed Elevate® cabinets whose lifts have been installed before shipment by our factory trained staff so that your Elevate® Rich Black is ready to be used when it arrives at your door.

Your flatscreen TV cables can be fed throughout the bottom of your pop up TV cabinet for simplicity and practicality and the front panel of the Elevate® TV lift cabinet can be popped open to access your electronics within the cabinet as well.

You may also choose to upgrade your Elevate® Rich Black with our add-on component shelf to store your cable box, Blue Ray player, video game system, and other electronics for just $79 when you purchase your cabinet (Shelf is $89 when purchased without the cabinet as a standalone purchase). This add-on component shelf attaches to the TV lift right below the TV and concurrently raises or lowers into the cabinet with your television. The shelf provides an area of 16" W x 9" D on both the left and right side to fit virtually any electronic multimedia device. An additional upgrade featuring the IR Repeater Kit is also available for only $99. Click here for details on the IR Repeater Kit.

The Elevate® is available unfinished or custom finishes are available for an additional $500. For more information on our custom finishes please call us at 866-372-7902.

Product Features

Fully raises or lowers in less than 30 seconds
Inside component space of 17 1/2" W x 12 5/8" D on left & right side bottom of the cabinet. Measurements must include cords & plugs.
Add-on component shelf provides 16" W x 9" D on both the left and right side
Includes wireless remote control
TV Lift system fully extended reaches 68.5"
TV Lift system fully depressed measures 32.5" H x 10" W x 7.5" D
Pop out front cabinet panel provides easy access to lift and electronics inside the cabinet.
Elevate® TV lift cabinet is shipped directly to the customer by standard ground service.
Factory Lift Installation available for an extra $100.00.


Color Finish: Rich Black
Unit Dimensions: 49.5" W x 18" D x 35.62" H
Maximum TV Size w Whisper Lift II: 45" W x 5" D x 32.5" H (TV plus component height)
Maximum Cabinet TV Size w Whisper Lift II PRO Swivel: 45"W x 4"D x 32.5"H (TV plus components)
Maximum TV weight (without stand): 100 lbs
Cabinet weight with lift: 170 lbs
Total shipping weight: 260 lbs
Unit shipping dimensions: 55" W x 46" D x 34" H (on pallet)
Interior component space: 17 1/2" W x 13" D on left & right side bottom of cabinet (measurements must include cords & plugs)

Data sheet

Item TypeMotorized TV Lift Cabinets
Item Height Inches35.5
Item Width Inches49.5
Item Depth Inches18
Item Weight lbs170
Item MaterialsWood
Maximum TV Size for Cabinet45"W x 5.5"D x 32"H (TV plus component height)